You may never have thought that deeply about ants; however they are incredibly captivating for a number of reasons...

  • Ants have an organised social structure with clear roles and division of labour. They all work together for the survival & growth of the colony
  • They communicate with each other in complex ways, including chemical signals called pheromones. These signals can guide other members of the colony to food sources, raise alarms, recruit workers and aid reproduction.
  • Ants are excellent problem- solvers. They display collective intelligence to overcome obstacles. They can build bridges, find alternative routes and adapt to changes
  • Ants construct elaborate nests with intricate underground tunnel systems. Different chambers may have different functions. Some are nurseries for brood, food storage areas and waste management chambers.
  • Ant colonies show division of labour, with different ants performing specialised tasks. Worker ants may care for young, forage for food, perform nest maintenance or defence. Their role may change throughout their lifespan.
  • Ants play essential roles in our ecosystem. They act as seed dispersers, aerate the soil and aid in nutrient cycling. They can act as predators to control other insect populations. They help clean up dead and decaying matter.

Here at Queen of Ants, we collect our queen ants by hand to ensure they are of the highest quality. We house them straight away so they are not stressed. They begin their journey to grow your very own colony in the best possible way!

We are a registered Wildlife Trade Operation and have export permits to ship worldwide. We collect our queen ants ethically and sustainably. We meet the requirements of the Department of Environment through population surveys and reporting.

We do not support digging up wild ant colonies, damaging ant nests in any way or the over collection of queen ants. 

Our goal is to promote ant keeping as a hobby to educate the world on these fascinating little creatures that play such a vital role in our ecosystem!

Our Royal Double Guarantee

I’m on a mission to help kids everywhere discover the natural wonders and joy of ant keeping. To make it as easy and risk-free as possible, your starter set is covered by our Royal Double Guarantee.

Here’s how it works:

30-Day Change Of Mind Guarantee

In the extremely unlikely event that within 30 days you decide this new exciting hobby is not for you, send your items back and we’ll give you a full refund.

Thriving Colony Guarantee

We go to extreme lengths to deliver healthy, fertile ants that ensure a thriving colony you’ll marvel at. That includes:

  • Careful hand selection of queen ants by an expert Zoologist
  • Fertility assessment prior to shipping
  • Temperature-controlled storage with nutrient-rich feeding
  • Protective packaging to ensure transit protection
  • Expertly crafted farms that expand as the colony grows