Easily Grow Your Own Thriving Ant Empire At Home, With Zoologist-Backed Ant Farms, Food, And Supplies!

Zoologist, RSPCA Inspector and now leading ant collector reinvents ant keeping with her new done-for-you ant farm setups perfect for beginners! Watch with fascination as nature’s tiny architects build, hunt, and create an empire… behind easy-clean and escape-proof walls.

Welcome To The Exciting (And Educational) World Of Ant Keeping

Welcome To The Exciting (And Educational) World Of Ant Keeping

Looking for a rewarding hobby that doesn’t involve screens? One that’s low maintenance, fun, and connects you with the natural world? Ant keeping is an emerging hobby that gives you front-row seats to your very own miniature society. Simply choose your starter kit and go! Watch your ants grow and evolve before your eyes… as they create a thriving colony that’s 100x more entertaining (and educational) than your own live reality TV show.

  • Swap screens for science

  • One of Australia’s fastest-growing hobbies

Founded By A Zoologist, We’re Australia’s #1 For High-Quality Ant Farms And Supplies

Australia’s #1 For High-Quality Ant Farms

Founded By A Zoologist, We’re Australia’s #1 For High-Quality Ant Farms And Supplies

Queen of Ants provides you with everything you need to create a healthy colony for years to come. Backed by Zoologist and ant expert Erin Funnell, we take great care to give you the highest quality formicarium, nutritious food and done-for-you starter kits – all hand-selected and fertility tested. We’re your one-stop-shop to make ant keeping and myrmecology fun and easy!

  • Australia’s #1 ant farms

  • Zoologist backed

Go From Complete Beginner To A Thriving Colony With Our Done-For-You Starter Kits

Want to grow your own ant farm, but have no idea where to start? Our breakthrough, done-for-you starter kits make it easy to go from complete beginner to successful ant keeper. With a queen ant, formicarium, food, equipment, and instructions (in story-book form for kids), you’ll master the basics in no time at all!

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What Makes Queen of Ants The #1 Pet Ant Farm In Australia?

Founded By A Zoologist

Want your ants to thrive, instead of just survive? Get top-quality ants and keeping supplies, backed by an expert with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the allocation, and communication within a community.

Hand-Selected Queens

Our Queen ants are fertility tested and professionally packaged to guarantee they arrive alive and ready to lay healthy worker eggs!

High-Quality Builds

Our formicariums are expandable, easy to clean, with proper ventilation and water access – ant keeping sure has come a long way from the 1950s plastic toys!

Registered Permits And Licenses

We collect and ship a large range of ant species thanks to our extensive permit and license system – whether you’re located in Australia or you’re one of our mates overseas.

Support And Education

Get valuable insights into the behaviour, biology, and specific needs of each species – foster a deep understanding and appreciation for nature’s tiny architects!

Royal Double Guarantee

Try this exciting new hobby risk-free, thanks to our 30-day change of mind policy – plus get a thriving colony with proper care, or we replace it free of charge.

Kickstart Your Colony With 15+ Different Species Of Queen Ants

From black trail ants to jumping jack bull ants, we have 15+ ant species for beginners and experienced ant keepers alike. Your queen will be hand collected and fertility tested by a zoologist under our fully licensed and registered Wildlife Trade Permit. Plus, we professionally package ants to guarantee live arrival, with a healthy queen who is ready to kickstart your colony!

Nutritious Food, Natural Sand, And High-Quality Equipment

Nutritious Food, Natural Sand, And High-Quality Equipment

Grab a complete suite of food and tools to make ant keeping fun and easy. Ant juice, mousse, and jelly… test tubes and escape prevention… washed, heat-tested natural sand…  we only supply the best for your miniature society. Give them the support and nourishment they need to grow a community, then watch them do the rest!

G’day, I’m Erin… Zoologist, Former RSPCA Inspector, And Your Local Ant Expert!

Erin Funnell, Zoologist, Former RSPCA Inspector

G’day, I’m Erin… Zoologist, Former RSPCA Inspector, And Your Local Ant Expert!

I’m also a mum with a son who loved screens a little too much. I founded Queen of Ants to give parents an easy way to get their kids involved in this fast-growing hobby – without the usual hard work or maintenance. I source and supply everything you need to keep your kids interested, engaged, and off their phones… while learning valuable life skills and boosting their curiosity about the natural world.

Our Royal Double Guarantee

At Queen of Ants, we’re on a mission to help people everywhere discover the natural wonders and joy of ant keeping. To make it as easy and risk-free as possible, your starter set is covered by our Royal Double Guarantee. Here’s how it works:

30-Day Change Of Mind Guarantee

In the extremely unlikely event that within 30 days you decide this new exciting hobby is not for you, send your items back and we’ll give you a full refund.

Thriving Colony Guarantee

We go to extreme lengths to deliver healthy, fertile ants that ensure a thriving colony you’ll marvel at. That includes:

  • Careful hand selection of queen ants by an expert Zoologist
  • Fertility assessment prior to shipping
  • Temperature-controlled storage with nutrient-rich feeding
  • Protective packaging to ensure transit protection
  • Expertly crafted farms that expand as the colony grows


Get A Free Magnifying Glass, Free Shipping And The “Little Ant Queen” Storybook With Our Ultimate Starter Kit

Over $250 of value - Yours for just $200

Our all-inclusive package (at a crazy price!) for any beginner, with everything you need for a thriving colony. Try out the unique new hobby sweeping Australia – risk-free thanks to our Royal Double Guarantee!

What’s included:

  • Free Magnifying glass - View the world and your ants up close with your very own Queen of Ants magnifying glass.
  • Free PDF Storybook Guide – your comprehensive guide for aspiring ant keepers! An entertaining, engaging story-based guide that makes ant keeping easy for kids.
  • Our ‘Royale’ all-in-one nest & outworld – a stunning ant home your colony will love. It’s easy to clean, escape proof and expands to grow with them!
  • >6 months of ant food – your ants will absolutely love our nutrient-rich 'Ant Juice' and ‘Ant Protein’ jelly! You can also add honey, fruit, and meat scraps to have fun experimenting with their diet… ants will eat almost anything!
  • 250g of Natural Ant Sand – hand collected from the natural Aussie environment where your ants live, washed and heat treated to form the perfect base for your new ant farm so they feel right at home!
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