At Queen of Ants, we do things very differently.

Some of you parents may remember having an ant farm as a child…

Traditional toy ant farms can be bought at the toy shop. You put sand inside a thin plastic section, then go into your garden and collect some little worker ants. But you probably ended up disappointed or you lost interest when not much happened…

That’s all changed now. 

Our ant farms are not toys, but legitimate pets, that if cared for properly, can live for many years.

Our ant nests, or formicarium, are designed to comfortably house your ant colony as they grow.  Each nest includes ventilation, water points, easy viewing and a cover so your ants feel cozy and safe.

Feeding and cleaning is easy with secure lids. Each ant farm has expansion points. If your ants outgrow their home, you can connect another nest and keep going.

Our products are in stock in Australia and ready to ship directly to you! We only sell ant equipment that we have inspected and tested ourselves. So you can be sure you are buying nests that will house your ants in comfort!

Our Royal Double Guarantee

I’m on a mission to help kids everywhere discover the natural wonders and joy of ant keeping. To make it as easy and risk-free as possible, your starter set is covered by our Royal Double Guarantee.

Here’s how it works:

30-Day Change Of Mind Guarantee

In the extremely unlikely event that within 30 days you decide this new exciting hobby is not for you, send your items back and we’ll give you a full refund.

Thriving Colony Guarantee

We go to extreme lengths to deliver healthy, fertile ants that ensure a thriving colony you’ll marvel at. That includes:

  • Careful hand selection of queen ants by an expert Zoologist
  • Fertility assessment prior to shipping
  • Temperature-controlled storage with nutrient-rich feeding
  • Protective packaging to ensure transit protection
  • Expertly crafted farms that expand as the colony grows